Rois Acoustics

High quality loudspeakers, based on a design tradition of 35 years and meticulously handcrafted in Greece!

Combining technological innovation, attention to detail and devotion to quality in each stage of their design and production, Rois Acoustics loudspeakers will let you travel in a magic world of music full of realism and emotions, liveliness and transparency and –above all- this unique experience of “being there”!



Rois Acoustics Kalypso Passive

Kalypso is -probably- the most talked-about loudspeaker of this Greek company, at least during the last two years. Besides being Rois' top of the range model, it is, also, an interesting experiment, in its full form, combining an active architecture and digital equalization with a horn-loaded, full range driver. Given that this product is still under final development, we seize the opportunity to review a passive version of the loudspeaker, which will charm many of audiophiles out there.


“If we consider Status 8.3 as the first sample of script of Rois Acoustics, then I must admit it is utterly convincing: The speaker is a flawless all-round contender for those seeking a floor standing speaker in the €1000 category with pleasant, detailed and balanced sound capable of rendering all types of music. Unreservedly reccomended!”



Status 8.3